A word from Shujin.

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The single most important factor of safety for the consumer in Alternative Therapies is myth control. That is, everyone is saying things like "It is 100% all natural so it is safe!", or "No side effects since it is all natural!", or something similar. These are  very dangerous statements for consumers to believe and they couldn't be any further from the truth. Yet they are accepted by a majority of consumers. If you leave this site without learning this, I will have failed a very important purpose of this site.  I explain further below.

If Alternative Medicine is so great why is everyone saying they are not liable for anything?

Herbal remedies for one are considered supplements and are not regulated by the FDA. And therefore are not required to warn the consumer of potential side effects (even death). I explain some of the problem below, but do you have any recourse? Yes, You do!  You can report any side effects or problems with the Alternative remedies directly to the FDA through the following link and we would also like to know so we can post it here also.

If there is anything I have learned from my extensive travels in the Far East, it is that we are each an unique being with a holistic and unique composition (sort of like a chemistry set). It is our one-of-a-kind chemical make-up that sets us apart. To this end,  herbal and alternative treatments are just as unique. This is why we ask that you consult a holistic practitioner before attempting any  alternative or self care. The Japanese acupuncturist who treated me many years ago in Japan, would not treat my migraine syndrome unless I was previously treated by conventional care. He also emphasized that there are so many variables of energy paths and receptors that it may take a few attempts before finding the right combination. My brother, a highly respected Physician and an expert on Cholesterol, once told me that if I gave him a $10 million grant and he spent the next 10 years looking for the cause of my particular migraine he may never find it and that modern medicine would then blame it on stress. (I am so glad I listened to alternative practitioners rather than my own brother. I respect his expertise in other facets of medicine but not this one.).

If your chemistry is off a little or a lot (as with a long history of drug-based therapy (as I was)), finding the right combination and delicate balance is complicated and may take awhile. I have been migraine and prescription drug free for almost thirteen years but it may take years more to regain my previous and unique chemical balance if ever. Pre-migraine, I used to eat like a horse and not gain an ounce. The drug therapy I was on corrupted my unique chemical balance and I might never recover what I was. This is the lesser of two evil philosophy the West seems to embrace (but we don't have to). I have given up smoking after 43 years - cold turkey, no patches, no drugs, no side effects. I have also given up 23 years of prescription drugs - no patches, no drugs, no side effects, and no migraines! I have been there and returned. And I have no wish to go back. 

I was previously diagnosed with Cancer of the Larynx and completed radiation therapy . It was localized with a 80-90% cure rate. I relied on my knowledge of Holistic procedures to guide me through the mental process while modern medicine handled the physical process of the treatment. It could have been a lot worse. Eight years later; still cancer free. I had colon re-sectioning following a life-saving colonoscopy which turned out to be pre-cancerous.

Please, relief is there, but do not do it alone! Loved ones that miss the "old" you and a practitioner should be there with you. And when your pain is behind you, they will help you regain what was once you. I have been there, ending almost 23 years (October 12, 1974 - my first migraine and May 7th, 1997 my last) of nightmarish existence. The only thing more beautiful than the triumph over pain is the perseverance of love our families share with us.