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It is our intent to protect your privacy without exception. We tolerate no ads, no advertising pop-ups, etc. If we publish your testimonial, we do so only after obtaining your permission. We honor all copyright venues.

Names or E-mail addresses are not shared with anyone. When published, only your first name and last name initial and state are published and never your e-mail.

Absolutely none of your personal information is stored on site (where it could be subject to electronic theft).

Personal information provided in e-mail or other communication with us will not be published nor shared with anyone else without your explicit permission.

We do not share nor sell personal information with any others. We do not accept any free or discounted services in exchange for publishing any information or ads to this site. We do not publish testimonials from companies as that would be a conflict of interest.

We will screen all new content from viewers and remove those which do not follow these concepts or are inappropriate.

If you feel we have violated any of the above promises, please contact me direct.

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