Why do we always say?  "Consult a holistic practitioner."  "Always consult your physician." "Not intended to replace proper medical care." "Or Not liable for anything that may happen to you."?

Unfortunately, a lawsuit happy society means a disclaimer paranoid business world. The legal devices designed to protect society have, in many cases, hurt the freely distribution of information (health information in this case).  I have said that we all are like chemistry sets; each with our own balance of chemicals, enzymes, hormones, antibodies, etc. We each react differently to hundreds of influences and environments. I can eat a whole can of cashews while to some of us eating but one would be a death sentence. With lawyers enticing us with promises of huge sums of money, many professionals have had to protect themselves from frivolous lawsuits. It has forced many of us to resort to raising costs for our services and/or very limiting disclaimers at risk of losing your confidence. Fortunately, most of you realize that especially in providing you information on Alternative Medicine over the Internet, we have absolutely no control of how you use this information and cannot spend the necessary time with you to review your medical history. Even in view of this, I feel you have the right to know of alternative therapies and make the decision to follow them or not, yourselves. For your own protection, always include your physician in any plans to follow any alternative therapy. 

I find it very similar to the erosion of the Good Samaritan. When I was a kid, I heard very often about those who would stop and assist fellow human beings in trouble, often saving their very lives. Then, after more and more Good Samaritans found themselves in Court and in some cases bankrupt, fewer and fewer cases of Good Samaritans are reported.

I totally agree with you that "Not responsible for anything that may happen to you" sounds like someone who knows nothing about what they are doing and is out to gyp everyone they can. But in most cases, they just are trying to protect themselves from the same legal system that was designed to protect you.

It is a shame that when we know, usually, something would alleviate your pain that we just don't give you the information for fear that some allergy you "may" have would cause an adverse reaction and we would be sued into bankruptcy for trying to help. It certainly looks like the disclaimers will be with us for a long period to come. The "greedy acts of some" will make it more difficult for the rest of us to get the information we need to reduce our suffering.

Proceeding through this web site indicates that you agree with this disclaimer that Ampuku Wellness Therapy, ETC3, or any of their owners, employees, or associates are not liable for any injury, implied or actual, sustained by you or by those you pass on the information found herein to, in any form implied or actual.

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