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I am purposing this site to provide you an interactive environment to discuss your health experiences and any possible alternatives you may have to conventional approaches. Am I recommending you discard conventional medicine completely? No, couldn't be any farther from the truth.

Alternative Medicine and Conventional Medicine must work together if our quality of life is to be one of fulfillment and health. Many of our services here request that you involve your doctor in your alternative choices. Some may see it as a threat to their business, others will see it as a welcomed partner.  In most cases, Alternative Medicine is preventive in nature where Conventional Medicine is reactive. Surgery is one of the most recognizable reactive venues of modern medicine. It is performed reacting to a condition and most non-elective surgeries could not be handled within the Alternative realm. So we need both. Both sides must recognize the others' worth while recognizing their limitations.

Alternative Medicine has shown these eyes of mine accomplishments that I would have otherwise discarded as merely not achievable had I not seen them myself. You can read about them throughout this site. Yet some will not pursue alternative therapies even if it could relieve them of chronic pain. I know some like this. Is it the fear of the unknown or just a fear of needles or rumors and myths keeping them from finding relief? It is irrelevant! One day, they will experience pain so great that they will overcome that fear or advice and seek out alternative therapies. I am the first one to admit that alternative medicine is not 100% effective 100% of the time; neither is conventional medicine but you deserve the chance to try.  Consider these points:

• I once said that I felt that many, if not the majority, of insane asylum residents are in pain not insane (just those of us who cannot handle the pain). I have been seen (many years ago at the onslaught of my migraine syndrome) banging my head against a wall to distract me from the real pain of the migraine. Yes, many thought I was ready for the loony bin.

• My brother, a renown medical expert on Cholesterol and General Practitioner, once said after studying my medical records that if I gave him a $10 million grant and he spent the next ten years of his life; he probably still could not correctly diagnose the cause for my specific migraines. They would just assess the cause to stress. You need someone who will not give up on you. You deserve that 70%, 90% chance of working. Yet successful methods in use in other countries of the world for centuries are not available to you here simply because we have not conducted our own studies.  A client of ours was going blind but had to journey to Germany each year for some eye drops that would stop his blindness. It had been used in Germany for many, many, many years; yet not available (even for experimental purposes) in this country. No waivers, no exceptions, no hope.

• In many states, in order to see an acupuncturist, you must have a medical doctor's referral. Problem is, many medical doctors do not believe in acupuncture and will not refer anyone. Some even believe it to be "Witch Doctoring" as my brother does.

• Yet using alternative therapies is a serious endeavor also; not to be taken lightly. Do your research. Many states have government web sites that allow you to get the background information on all their registered Alternative Practitioners. Check them out. Also the local Chapter of the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Just be careful and do not believe the hype of naturally safe claims. Just because it is all natural does not mean it is safe or with out side effects. And that goes for Salonpas® as well. We highly recommend it but there are some cases of skin sensitivity to its adhesive we have noticed. Here is a prime example of an ad that ran recently where I live: Play audio (adjust your volume accordingly)